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Why buy Extended Warranty?

  • Frequent Breakdowns are a reality

    Avoid inconvenience by getting an extended Warranty for your device.

  • Repair costs are exorbitant

    A damaged panel can cost you nearly 75% of your TV cost. Save on - such unexpected costs.

  • Unqualified repairers are aplenty

    Extended warranty ensures your product is in safe hands.

OneAssist for Home puts you in Control

By Guaranteeing Fastest Resolution. Always.

How does it work?

  • Device breaks down

  • Schedule an appointment anytime as per your convenience

  • Verified Technician visit as per appointment

  • Guaranteed resolution within promised timelines

  • Pay nothing. Save time and hassles

How does it work?

Save Hassles

Device breaks down

Save Hassles

Schedule an appointment anytime as per your convenience

Save Hassles

Verified Technician visit as per appointment

Save Hassles

Guaranteed resolution within promised timelines

Save Hassles

Pay nothing. Save time and hassles


  • How long after my product purchase date can I purchase the plan?

    For new consumer electronics and appliances, you can buy the Extended Warranty Pro+ plan within 180 days of purchase of new product. We highly recommend buying the Extended Warranty Pro+ plan at the time you buy a product.

  • What is an Extended Warranty Plan?

    Extended Warranty Plan (EWP), also commonly referred to as Extended Warranty Service Contract (EWSC), Extended Service Plan (ESP), Extended Warranty (EW) is a Service Agreement that replicates and extends the manufacturer’s warranty on your product by a specified period. It effectively transfers the financial risk of product break down from the buyer of the EWP to its provider. In event of the covered product breaking down functionally, the provider of the EW undertakes the repairs of the product as per the terms specified in the EWP.

  • Why should I buy Extended Warranty Pro+ offered by OneAssist?

    Extended Warranty Pro+ provided by OneAssist not only extends the term length of manufacturer’s warranty but also enhances the coverage and services provided during the extended period. Extended Warranty Pro+’s extended time and enhanced coverage and services, you can enjoy your product worry-free with complete peace of mind. With Extended Warranty Pro+:
    You can extend the term of your coverage for up to additional 2 years. Your product is covered not just for defects in material and workmanship but also for mechanical and electrical failure arising out of normal wear and tear, and environmental factors such as heat, dust and humidity.
    Requesting for a service is easy, convenient, takes less than 5 minutes and can be done 24x7x365. We also have a dedicated claims team to help you.
    Our service experts visit within 6 business hours of your request or you can schedule an appointment for a later time as per your convenience.
    We offer an unmatched 10 business day repair or replacement guarantee! Majority of repairs we undertake take less than a week.
    You are entitled to TRULY UNLIMITED REPAIRS during the plan period up to the product purchase value i.e. the product price before any applicable discounts or offers like an exchange value. Every time your product fails, we will repair it without any cost to you.
    Your products are repaired in the convenience of your home.
    24/7 customer support to file a complaint and claim at your convenience.
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